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Refresh Your Circletime

Circle time is your special invitation to your children to celebrate the day! It’s special, it’s fun and it definitely sets the tone for your day. With just a few changes you can take your routine into fun overload!

Dress the Weather Report. The weather is a daily report so it needs a change sometimes. On rainy or cold days, bring out the dressing rack and have your children layer on the clothes they will need for the day. Don’t forget your stuffed animals or dolls and their changeable clothes too. Don’t forget your camera. They will be too cute not to take pictures. And once you take pictures you can turn them into your own weather dress up book.

Call in the Band. Having instruments handy makes the familiar weather song and alphabet song seem new! Now you’re learning rhythm, weather, and the alphabet. Score!

Say it with Character. Stories, poems, and stories are great. And creating a puppet show is awesome! With a puppet character and theater your children will be all ears and giggles.  And the message seems to stick as they want to hear it over and over again.

Make it standout.  Easels are fun and interactive. You make illustrations to describe new words or write your poems for everyone one to see. And I like to end my day with reviewing what we learned with an end of the day circle time. The easels are perfect for that. And if space is limited then use a tabletop easel.

Comfort is inviting. What say come on over more than poufs and pint sized seating on piled high. Your children will be running to find a cozy spot to start the day.

Simple Clean Up. Keep a bin or container to contain all your circle time small things (e.g. poems printed on paper, schedule note pad, folders, and puppets).

Your circle time is special. Keep it fun, inspiring, and inviting.


How are you keeping your circle time special?