About Sprinkled with Fun™

Sprinkled with Fun™ celebrates a learning lifestyle! Created by a homeschool mom who loves all things sprinkled fun when it comes to learning with her children. Sprinkled with Fun™ help you create a learning environment that is as fun and unique as your family. Shop our boutique for handpicked things, read our magazine for inspiration or join our community awesome moms!



The boutique features handpicked and exclusive items to make your homeschool as unique as you are!


Each month we feature an exclusive digital kit full of resources to enhance your learning adventures. 

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We have educational toys that make playing and learning the same. From tinkering to dress up, it's handpicked for you. 

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Fun and functional pint sized furniture to make your playroom or study space have as much personality as your child.

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Personalized Supplies

Organize your things with our exclusive designs of binders, folders, journals, and more! We not only have collections for the homeschool mom but also for the child. 

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Personalized Stationery

Organize your thoughts with our exclusive designed stationery collections. It's never to early to have your own stationery so we designed a collection for children too!

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